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Supreme Fuels Trading FZE

Agency,Employer: Supreme Fuels Trading FZE
Sectors: Other
We develop and implement customized supply chain solutions in demanding environments, efficiently and effectively providing critical commodities that assist our customers to achieve their goals and objectives. Supreme Fuels is a ‘blue chip’ liquid fuels service provider, widely-known for its ability to undertake the most challenging operations, anywhere in the world, under any conditions. We provide a full suite of bulk fuel services: whether a rapidly-deployable bulk fuel supply chain and corresponding aviation refueling operation or a long term, state-of-the-art bulk storage facility. Our customers share a common need for reliable and competitive performance in highly-complex situations, often in remote and inhospitable locations. Supreme has proven its capacity to deliver superior fuel supply and distribution services under difficult circumstances time and again.
Address: Supreme Fuels Trading FZE P.O. Box 22827
City: Dubai
Area: Abroad
Company Type: Group
Business Nature: Commercial
Last Logged on: 14 September 2011

Jobs at Supreme Fuels Trading FZE

Inbound Transport Supervisor - Afghanistan

Is responsible & accountable to manage all customs and port documentation and communication and ... [Details]

Cook - Abroad

Ensure all work is carried out as per the client specification. • Control the food quality, prese ... [Details]

Inventory Clerk - Afghanistan

• Assist the Inventory Coordinator in developing new systems to ensure that Operational Personnel ... [Details]

Mechanic - Afghanistan

• Work on a variety of vehicles and equipment, including pumps and motors and any gas operated eng ... [Details]

Finance Clerk - Afghanistan

Finance Clerk Responsible for accurate and timelyreconciliation of sales to ensure accurate closi ... [Details]

Accounts Recievable - Afghanistan

Achieve and maintain days sales outstanding DSO to no more than 45 days, and receivable aging to ... [Details]

Carpenter - Afghanistan

• Repairing & Maintaining all occupied buildings. • Construct office furniture, fitouts, al ... [Details]

AFIS Electrician - Afghanistan

• Plan Electrical cabling • Replace connections • Perform the periodical checks • Replace ... [Details]

Transport Marshal - Afghanistan

Ensure that in-bound and out-bound fuel tankers are progressed efficiently and fairly. Minim ... [Details]

Fuel Operator - Afghanistan

Conduct refueling activities in a safe manner and in compliance with the Companys Standard Operating ... [Details

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